Castlevania-and-Ghosts'N-Goblins-styled Sonic hack mixes our blue hero with chaos and bloodshed!
- Hurricane levels of infernal action!
- Instead of the ring system, advanced hp system is implemented.
- New bosses and badniks (demons made of blood and flesh)
- And lots more...

Through the cold halls of the Dark Lord’s castle above the fiery prominences of the sea of fire,
from the darkest and coldest waiting room to a ruthless unknown filled with cries of pain from desperate souls and the gloating of their punishers
lies the path of the blue hero. He had not yet met such a test ... and this is a run through the underworld!

This gloomy saga originated from a love of Gothic and a desire to mix in one shaker what for some reason they had never been mixed before. There is a lot of things that you have not seen in the Sonic games before - cruel demonic fanged-clawed enemies, creepy and sinister hell in all its majesty, excellent music, in some places dark and impressive, like a fortress in the mountains at night, and in others - fast and furious, like the battle of two unapproachable armies. And also blood. A very, very much blood. And all this - on the Sega Mega Drive! Feel free to sit down and be sure that you will never forget such a great experience.


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